Frequently Asked Questions

You have a question? We have the answer! Check below to see if your question is there. If not, give us a call.
Do you do repairs?

Yes! We do repairs on most instruments and Peavy amps. For more detailed estimates and professional advice do not hesitate to call or bring in your item that needs fixing. Or check out our repairs page for details on our band instrument repairs.

Do you offer cleanings?

Yes, just like our repairs, we offer options to deep clean your instrument. Check “overhaul” on our repair page chart.

Can you re-string guitars?

Yes, for a small fee we re-string the guitar for you. We do acoustic, classical, electric and basses as well.

Do I need an appointment to get something repaired?

No, it is first come first serve basis. Walk on in and we will repair and clean your instrument in a timely matter. Keep in mind we have very few repair techs on staff so turnaround times may vary. 

Do you have things for sound?

Yes, you can come and check out our many assortment of amps, speakers, pedals, pick ups, microphones and cables for what you need. These are not available on our online store, come in and see what we have.

Can I borrow speakers/mics for an event?

Yes, don’t want to purchase all new speakers for your one time event? We offer some speakers, mics, wires, and a sound board for $100 a day, call or visit us to make sure we have it available for your date. 

Do you sell CDs/DVDs/Records?

No, while we normally do not sell any media, we do have a very small selection of DVDs in Spanish. Instuctional videos for 75% off which we will not restock after they are gone.

Do you sell sheet music?

Yes, let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll help you find the right one. We even have many music books for you to peruse through. Can’t find a  book you want? We can special order it for you. 

What if you don't carry the item I want or I can't find it in your store?

Ask, ask, ask! We either are waiting on the order or we can special order it for you. When it comes in we will personally give you a call and hold it for you. Keep in mind that some manufacturing companies are experiencing a surge of orders so some items might take some time, but we appriciate any patience you give us. 

Do you ship??

Yes, extra charges may apply. You can order some things online or give us a call at the store and we can help you place an order. 

Do you sell used instruments?

Yes, this is what we call our “consignment” items. Instrument availability varies as well as prices. These items are sold through the owner of the used instrument and typically they pick the price point they want to sell at.

Can I put my item on consignment?

Yes you may, but results may vary. We may not be able to take on the item due to space and demand for it. When you put your item in consignment you are agreeing to leaving it for at least 30 days (no maximum) and the agreed amount when you come in. You also can’t advertise the item on Craigslist, Nextdoor, Facebook Marketplace or etc while it is displayed here. When it is sold we will reach out to you. 

Do you sell pianos?

We do not sell acoustic pianos, we do however sell electronic keyboards. Come in and check them out. We also have resources for piano tuners and movers if needed.. 

Do you buy instruments?

Not very often. Depending on the condition of the instrument and the demand for that instrument, success in selling, may vary. For example, band instruments, flute, clarinet, trumpet would be more in demand around the start of the school year. You may bring it in to be evaluated if we decide not to buy, selling it on consignment is an option.