Instrument Rentals

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Chinook Music offers low monthly lease-to-own plans that fit your family’s needs and budget. Maintenance is included in your monthly payments. Regardless of which kind of instrument you’re renting, you can exchange or return it at any time. If your student chooses to exchange for a different instrument, all payments will transfer to the new instrument. With no long-term commitment, renting from Chinook Music is affordable and hassle-free.

At a local school? Look out for our Rental Nights so we can come to you with all the information needed to rent an instrument for your student’s music program.

Just a local resident who isn’t sure what instrument you want to pick up? Come into the store and let our professionals help you through the process and maybe even try out some of the instruments.

PA System Rentals

Need a speaker set up for your party this weekend? Or do you have a big event that needs mics or sound? We do day rentals of our PA Systems. For only $100 a day you can get a sound mixer, 2 speakers, 2 mics, 2 speaker stands and 2 mic stands. Aux cables, mic and speaker cables also included. Please call the store if you have any additional questions or to make your reservation.


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As a central location for many school music programs we try our best to provide resources for your musical journey with a directory of teachers. We have many teachers in residence here at the store. They run their own schedule and rates so please either call us for their contact info or contact them directly. You can find more info through this link about our teachers and the various ways you can set up lessons. If you’re a teacher interested in teaching please contact us directly.

Currently in residence: Violin, Viola, Guitar, Drums, Piano, Trumpet, Voice


Need your guitar re-strung? Maybe there is something wrong with your amplifier. If something needs fixing on your instrument or just want an overhaul, we can do it. Prices may vary, please call the store or even better stop by to show us what’s wrong.

For band instrument repair we have estimates available for you. Keep in mind some of these are estimates.

Instrument Adjust to Play Re-Pad Shop Overall
Piccolo <$50 $200 $250
Flute <$50 $250 $300
Clarinet <$50 $200 $275
Alto Clarinet <$75 $275 $325
Bass Clarinet <$75 $300 $400
Alto Sax <$50 $275 $350
Tenor Sax <$75 $325 $400
Bari Sax <$75 $400 $500
Trumpet <$50 $100
French Horn <$50 $125
Double Horn <$50 $150
Trombone <$50 $100
Trombone w/F <$50 $125
Baritone <$50 $125
Tuba <$50 $200
Sousa (fiberglass) <$50 $150
We mostly do instrument repairs and tune-ups. But we do some audio/electric fixes, call for more info. *Adjust to Play* – Soft parts as needed, adjust to playing condition. *Re-Pad* – Replace all pads, adjust to playing condition. *Shop Overhaul* – Replace all soft parts, tenon corks as needed, chem clean, adjust to playing condition.