Bach Student Trumpet- TR300H2


Equally suited to all types of music, the TR300H2 is a worthy investment that will inspire beginners as they set out on their trumpet journey.


The Bach TR300H2 features a .459″ medium-large bore‚ 4-3/4″ seamless two-piece plasma-welded yellow brass bell‚ rose brass mouthpipe‚ stainless steel pistons with one-point nylon valve guides and enclosed bronze valve springs‚ one-piece brass valve casing‚ first valve slide thumb hook‚ adjustable third valve slide finger ring with pin stop mechanism‚ two water keys‚ lacquered finish‚ and genuine Vincent Bach 7C mouthpiece and molded case.



  • Red brass lead pipe offers a level of breath resistance that newer players will find comfortable
  • .459-inch bore ensures a focused, colorful sound and makes playing lower notes effortless
  • Braced Monel valves offer extra durability, added warmth, and ultra-smooth playability
  • 1st valve thumb hook makes learning how to adjust intonation a breeze
  • Lightweight 4.875-inch, seamless, yellow brass bell encourages proper playing position
  • Clear lacquer finish brings a subtle warmth to your overall sound
  • Standard water keys effectively drain accumulated fluid from the trumpet
  • Comes with a padded, double-walled case and a Bach 7C mouthpiece
  • Made in the USA


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